PM&C is named in Top 100 graduate employers

PM&C is named in Top 100 graduate employers

PM&C Careers
Tuesday, 05 March 2019

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Top 100 Graduate Employer badge

PM&C has been voted as one of Australia’s Top 100 Graduate Employers for the fifth year in a row, confirming its place as a leading graduate employer.

The rankings are based on the results of a survey conducted annually by GradAustralia, with thousands of votes cast by university students. The survey explores career motivations and expectations, and asks students to nominate graduate employers that most appeal to them.

The announcement comes as PM&C gears up to open applications for its 2020 Graduate Program on 25 March.

The role of the Department is to provide quality advice to the Prime Minister and support the work of Cabinet, which means that PM&C graduates are able to make a real and lasting impact in the realms of policy development and implementation.

For the very first time, PM&C graduates will have greater flexibility to match their skills and interests with key areas across the Department.  Graduates will be able to nominate to work in new key streams:

  • Generalist Stream – these graduates will complete rotations across all areas of the Department before determining which area they would prefer to work in after the Graduate Program; or
  • Major in either the Indigenous Affairs or Corporate and Governance stream – graduates will complete rotations within their chosen stream, as well as a ‘minor’ rotations in other parts of the Department to complement their skills. After completing the Graduate Program, they will work within their stream.

PM&C’s Graduate Program is based in our National Offices in Canberra, with rotations offered across a range of business areas, including our Regional Network.

For more information, visit PM&C’s Graduate Recruitment site.