BETA Podcast: How will artificial intelligence shape our future?

BETA Podcast: How will artificial intelligence shape our future?

Domestic Policy Behavioural Economics
Friday, 17 January 2020

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Prof. Toby Walsh & Dr Shea Houlihan

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is often talked about as the next technological revolution.

It has the power to completely change the way we live—but many people worry about the pace of change, as well as the risks and ethics involved.

Join us for this fascinating chat with one of the world’s leading experts in the field, Professor Toby Walsh.

Toby’s latest book looks at how the world might look in 2062—and how AI will change the way we live.

From the loss of basic skills like reading a map, to a new golden era of philosophy, Toby makes some bold claims and offers some fascinating insights.

Toby chats to BETA’s resident data science expert, Dr Shea Houlihan, about the future of AI and the major role behavioural science can play. Don’t miss this one.

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