Rod Exton

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Date of submission: 
22nd December 2017

Following the adoption of marriage equality, there should be no exemptions from discrimination statutes for any person, entity or organisation, religious or otherwise.

My view is informed by many years working in the Victorian state education system, in roles that included year level coordinator and campus principal.

Bullying was an acute and ongoing problem and resulted in significant harm to many students.

With the law regarding marriage equality now changed, will a student from a religious background ever be allowed to bully their gay peers – for instance, to exclude them from activities, to engage in name-calling or even to participate in physical abuse? The answer will be a resounding NO from any credible school or education sector. For it to be otherwise would be hideous and absurd.

Why then would we allow these same student’s parents to engage in discrimination against any members of the gay community? WE SHOULD NOT. To do so is also hideous and absurd. Vile and repugnant even.

Personally, I could never countenance seeking permission to practice discrimination against fellow citizens. In my opinion, for anyone to do so is again hideous and absurd.