Pierre Niyongabo

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

I am so glad I got this time to have a say.
1. I am against this suggestion of hiring LGBTI to religious schools as this is against The Christianity. Recently it was announced that parents who don’t want their kids to be at the school where they teach about marriage equality, have the right to take their kids off that school and take them to another.
In this case, this is an attack to religious schools. We don’t need either gay/lesbian into our Christianity.
2. I urge the government not to touch any school that belongs to the Christianity as they are digging themselves cries that won’t ever be swept in Australian history.
Malcolm and Bill Shorten are just beating each other by promising this and that but, not leading to better future of Australia and it’s people. In 10 years to come, Australia won’t have any young generation, the whole country will be filled with aged and aged.
3. The politicians of these days are just young graduated and they don’t have/take a time to rethink, why? Because it’s like a hobby to them.
(Eg: A transport minister should be someone who has industry experience, not just presenting the documents of graduation and s/he is elected; they should have experience of what’s inside, not just as saying.)
4. My kids soon will be attending a catholic school, as I have the right not to take them where the LGBTI lays, once the government forces the religious schools to hire them, honestly, I will keep them at home, uneducated. Where will be the future of the country? How many children will be uneducated that time?
5. Think twice, think twice especially Malcolm and Bill Shorten as Mature aged.

Any question, give a call or email, I will answer them.
I have many many examples of not accepting LGBTI where I will be.