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21st December 2017

Parents are the primary educators of their children. They have the right to teach them their beliefs and instil the religious morals they see fit into their lives. This is not the job of the government or education system. Parents have the intrinsic right to decide what is best for their family. Intrusion and forced agendas are not "equality" and not enacting these protections will have negative, irreversible consequences on all of Australian society. Morals, values and the future of true democracy in this country depend on freedom of speech and religion. To remove this is a violation of human and childrens rights and a backwards step in a country that should be moving forward. The future are the children of this nation and the government are doing them a huge disservice by undermining parents and destroying the cornerstone of a childs development, their family. The state needs to focus more on our embarrassing education rankings and failing literacy rates and stay out of peoples homes, places of worship and private lives.