Matthew Morar

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

I address this submission to the Expert Panel in regards to religious freedom of expression which the "Yes" campaign is so eager to abolish. I am a person of faith and also believe that we make our own choices in regards to what we believe in and faith is also something that shaped this country and made it so accommodating to so many religions. This country is based on religion and is something very important in our lives as individual and family. The religious freedom of expression should be left as "free choice" not to make religious organisations and schools hire or marry someone that is against their basic principles of faith. Religion and faith should be recognised as a right of an individual to live his life or raise his family by what he believes just like the gays and lesbians live their life by what they believe; should not be discriminatory to any of the parties. We ask that you consider the impact will have on the future generations as this will limit the rights parents will have on raising their children and having a say in their education.
I ask that my submission be considered by the panel and I give consent to be published among the other submissions received.
Thank you for your consideration.