David Cronin

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Date of submission: 
21st December 2017

It’s quite simple really. Religious freedoms must be steadfastly protected. Just as it is important for gay people to be allowed to marry, it is equally important for institutions, or individuals to not marry them. It’s equality, and it’s very simple. The people screaming for tolerance are demonstratably intolerant. Your role is incredibly important and I truly hope you work towards a commonsense based resolution. Make no mistake, what you read in the media is so far away from where the general populace is on this issue. Not one person I know had a problem with gay marriage. But EVERY person had issue with the way the yes campaigners behaved, in particular Benjamin Law who publicly stated he wished to “hate f$&k no voting politicians” there is no clearer and more disgusting example of hate speech that I have heard, yet he has been been promoted and rewarded for his actions from the ABC. This example alone highlights the ridiculous double standards at play and your role is crucial to protecting Australian citizens from abuse like that. If I’m honest, I have no faith this submission will even be looked at other than to be used as a statistic to enforce whatever outcome you have already decided upon and is why faith in government is at an all time low. A free and democratic society mans it is just as important people have the right to say no, as it is for people to marry who they wish. This is just commonsense.