Charlene Thomas

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Date of submission: 
15th February 2018

I am deeply concerned for the gender theory programs (and other radical sexual programs like Safe Schools Coalition) rolling out in classrooms and public places, I have no trust that the gender theory will not put confusions of gender into children who do not need them, as a mum of two young boys, I know children can experience gender exploring stages through out their childhoods, whilst a small percentage of children do suffer from gender identity issues which require specific exclusive help from trusted experts and with parental consents, I think protections over parental rights over gender theories and other sexual programs needed to be added to the Dean Smith Bill.

The fact how the Dean Smith Bill has been drafted that says “marriage between two people” without mentioning the word “same sex” gives no protections over teaching on the beloved man and woman marriage.

Please act on our behalves, the near 40%
of no voters is just as important than the 60% of yes voters, I am sure no one voted so their parental rights could be ignored, I believe every yes voter voted yes because they trusted the coalition’s promise that there will be no consequences, and now having the amendments will be the delivery of such promise.

Please hear our cry. The Australian has revealed a poll stated 64% of Australians want protections of parental rights, freedom of religious believes and freedom of speech, this is a majority wanting these same rights. If the MPs are ignoring the concerns, personally I believe there will be a much larger social out pour, together with our children and families being unprotected. How could this be good for Australia going forward?

I believe religious freedoms should include the following:

1. Business owners are allowed to decline using their talents to celebrate theories or believes against their own faiths.

2. Parents are allowed to deny their children receiving gender or sex teaching that comtradicts to their family values and faith believes.

3. Religious schools are allowed to teach that marriage is between a man and a woman, if it is in line with their core believes.

4. Individuals are allowed to express their own believes of marriage in public that are consistent with their faith believes.

Thank you!