Catherine Musk

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15th February 2018

We as Christians are to live by Gods moral laws. Our Country was built on moral laws. Every time a moral law is thrown out ,it brings kayos.
The 1st Commandment is to honour God,to do this we must obey his
Moral laws.
. Like anyone else, we don't want to be discriminated against. We cannot do anything against our faith.
.God does not permit LGBTl ,so highering LGBTl teachers should not be permitted in Christian schools,as this is against Gods laws.
. Christians want the rights to run there Churches how they want,without being discriminated against.
.Christan Schools should not be discriminated against,when it comes to funding.
.Christian celebrants should have the freedom to marry who they want.
.We don't want to be discriminated against,when it comes to freedom of speech and conscience. Christians are law abiding citizens who cannot go against God.
.Please consider our rights & freedoms.