Adam Johnston

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Date of submission: 
22nd December 2017

Dear Mr Ruddock,

I write to you in your capacity as Chairman of Malcolm Turnbull’s Religious Freedoms Committee.

My interest is as a disabled man who saw stem cell science and scientists generally, restricted by religious objections in the early 2000s. Church run charities and NGOs also continue to receive generous tax breaks and subsidies, freedoms others don’t have. To me, religious freedom is not under threat in Australia, although it would be welcome, given their behaviour in the stem cell debate, to see and hear less public commentary from religious leaders.

Please find attached submissions concerning religion and tax reform, the stem cell debate and, submissions on lobbying. The last two show my aim of putting more public scrutiny on church and NGO behaviour.

I trust the above and attached may be of some assistance.

Yours faithfully,