Submission Group 4

Dear members of the Religious Freedom panel,

Please note that I consent to the publication of my submission and my name.

I would like to base my submission primarily on the link between the diminution of religious freedom and the unprecedented success of the homosexual lobby over recent decades in not only passing legislation to legalise homosexual acts, but also to force acceptance of this sin on the rest of the population.

Legalising homosexual ‘marriage’ is just the most recent stage of this campaign, but it will by no means be the last. For in other parts of the Western World where homosexual ‘marriage’ has been legalised, many Christian businesses operators, particularly those connected with the wedding industry, have subsequently been threatened with persecution under ‘human rights’ and ‘anti-discrimination’ laws and have effectively had their freedom of religion taken away. In one case, for example, the McArthur family, owners of Ashers family bakery in Northern Ireland, stood up for their religious freedom but were found guilty of discrimination just for declining to provide a cake with a pro-same-sex marriage slogan!

Will this happen in Australia now that homosexual ‘marriage’ is legalised? Based on the many examples of this type of persecution overseas, the answer must surely be ‘yes.’

I therefore call on the panel to consider the grave danger posed by legalising homosexual ‘marriage,’ and in consequence to recommend that the Federal Government create a new ministerial position to protect and safeguard religious freedom. This minister’s office should be given the responsibility of checking all new legislation and then reporting to the parliament on the religious freedom implications.

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